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Condiment Container
Condiment Container
Condiment Container
Condiment Container

Condiment Container

$ 8.92 
75 ml

Sometimes your lunch needs a little extra something; a bit of mayo, mustard, seeds, or nuts. These little gems are the perfect little add-on to any lunch and they fit (with lid) neatly inside any of the DALCINI™ square or rectangle containers. The perfect little add-on to take your lunch or snack up a notch. Dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, & oven-safe

India by Canadian Brand
Made In:
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How to use

Great for:

  • Granola for your yogurt
  • cranberries and seeds for your salad,
  • mayo for your sandwich
  • hummus or dips for your veggies
  • great for storing vitamins for the day also
How to dispose

Size: 2(D) x 1.5(H)" / 5.1(D) x 3.8(H) cm | Contents: 75mL

  • Dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, & oven-safe
  • Food grade and medical grade stainless steel

*For best results wash 1-2 times before writing on them

**Not suitable for liquids

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