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Organic Net Tote Bag
Organic Net Tote Bag
Organic Net Tote Bag
Organic Net Tote Bag

Organic Net Tote Bag

$ 12.50 

With amazing elasticity (no plastic), Organic Net Tote Bag (with shoulder straps) can not only extend to fit big-sized goods easily (like a watermelon) but also super aesthetic for beach trips & weekend getaways! 1 bag holds up to 40 LBS and is machine washable.

Made In:
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How to use

Machine washable in cold water, air dry.

How to dispose
  • organic cotton: grown without pesticides, better for the environment and the human body.
  • quick-drying: no more wet smell from plastic bags.
  • multipurpose: use it for storage at home, traveling or laundry
  • durable and economical: last way longer than plastic and petroleum-based fabric
Care Tips

remove stain with soap or cold machine wash, and tumble dry on low temperature
avoid bleaching

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