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Reusable Cotton Buds
Reusable Cotton Buds
Reusable Cotton Buds
Reusable Cotton Buds

Reusable Cotton Buds

$ 14.70 

Plantish's reusable cotton buds that include a carrying case, are a great way to help combat waste without any inconvenience. Research has it that 1.5 million disposable swabs are produced every day. All of these swabs require an abundant amount of resources to produce, ship and packaged all to be thrown out after one use. Sometimes they are even flushed down the toilet or sneak out of our trash systems and into the environment.

Made In:
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How to use

1. Make sure both tips are securely in place
2. Use cotton buds for your desired purpose (ie cleaning ear canal or removing makeup)
3. Rinse under warm water

How to dispose

Repurpose the reusable cotton buds for gardening, crafts, and other creative projects.

Check the city's waste management info before disposal. If unsure, always consider composting the bamboo part in the backyard then throw the silicone part in the garbage.

  • Multi-purpose: Can be used in many instances such as cleaning ear canals, removing makeup and dirt or cleaning electronics or jewelry
  • Eco-friendly: Made from 100% bamboo and silicone
  • Easy to clean: The soft silicone material combined with gentle warm water can easily remove dirt
  • Travel-friendly: Made small enough to be travel-friendly. It is light and portable; ready to bring with you on any essential trips

Care Tips
Clean with warm soapy water after each use

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