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Get 15% off your first refill

Well, we’re fighting fire with fire by making your life more convenient. We deliver your natural and plastic free products to your door, so you don’t even have to put on pants when you need personal care or household products.

Low-waste shouldn't be
pain in the butt.

Our parents, their parents, and all of our ancestors lived a low-waste, low-cost life. Not that they had a choice, but still. As soon as our world started to modernize, and we actually had a choice in the matter—we all chose convenience. We mean, who wouldn’t? Convenience is awesome.

Here’s the thing: we kinda screwed up a bit. We took it too far.
Backspace is our attempt to bring a little balance back to our modern life. we want to close the gap between now and the past.

So, we made our mission to make
low-waste convenient.
Souzan, Karim & Alireza

We don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but…

We’ve only got one planet, and in a few years, ours is going to be very different.

More plastic than fish?

By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish.
Check this out (source).

We eat plastic!

Every week the average person eats a lego brick’s worth of plastic.
Check this out (source).

Water with plastic, Yumm!

83% of tap water samples contain plastic.
Check this out (Source).

Are we changing the world?

We’re not. What we are doing is providing the convenience for others to make the small lifestyle changes that will hopefully add up to a seismic shift someday. We make making a difference easy.

We would love to know your opinion, talk to us!

We choose local

Living sustainably means shopping and living locally. Our premiere suppliers are all over Canada, and provide us with the highest possible quality, all-natural, plastic-free products.

Some of our local suppliers.
Which areas do you provide refill services?
At the moment we do house refill in Vancouver and the North Vancouver. More will come soon. Click here to let us know if you want us to add your area.
Do you deliver or just house refill?
Not yet. We are working on a convenient system for online ordering and delivery if you do not want to refill. Sign up here if you want to know about it when it runs.
I have no idea how it works. Where do I start?
We know it can be overwhelming at the begining, so we have created a short video to explain how it works. Watch it here. Also check out our Instagram @backspaceit to get tips on your low-waste journey.
What can I do if I don't have containers or forget mine?
No problem. We have our deposit containers that you can use for as long as you want. If you are done with the containers, you can return them and we refund the deposit amount.
Can I buy a gift card?
Off course! You can purchase an E-Gift Card here. You can send it to a friend or family member via email. Click here to buy a gift card.
Is there a fee for the refill?
Yes. we have fixed fees of $5, but it’s refundable for purchases of $50 or more.
Refill a glass bottle in the refillery van

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Join us on our journey to create a convenient, sustainable lifestyle.

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